Two days at the Open Source Experience

I was at the Open Source Experience event in Paris, France last week.

While it was nice to see friends from the FLOSS community, it did feel that the general public decided to stay away, probably because Covid cases are on the rise in France again. I was manning a Perl booth but used the fact that we were 4 people to wander again and ask vendors if they would be willing to support their applications in Fedora. As you can probably guess, results were mixed...

The first person I talked to was Clément Oudot, maintainer of LemonLDAP-NG. He was more than willing to add LL-NG to the Fedora repositories. I then talked to Benoît Mortier, the main developer of FusionDirectory and he was also enthusiastic about doing the same.

My stops at the OCS-Inventory and Bluemind booths proved less fruitful. People on both booths told me they did not have the resources to support a distribution like Fedora that releases every 6 months.

I then found myself at the Dolibarr booth where I had a talk with Laurent Destailleur, Dolibarr's main developer. We talked a lot about Dolibarr's experience with having their software packaged in Debian and the troubles they had over the years with Debian's policies on bundling and upgrades.

Finally, I dropped by the Centreon booth and discussed a number of things (their use of Perl, automatic deployment, distribution support). The Centreon people are looking to diversify the distributions they support and they seemed open to supporting Fedora Server as well as other distributions.

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