Rencontres Fedora 19

The french ambassadors have, every time a new version of Fedora came out, organised a release party for it (we skipped Fedora 18 because the timing of the release didn't make it practical to organise an event). We call these the Recontres Fedora ("Fedora Encounters" or "Fedora Meetings") to stress the importance of developers and end-users meeting each other. When Fedora 19 came out at the begining of July, we decided to have a release party but to do it in september so that everybody could be present.

We set up a date with Parinux, the Paris Linux user group and decided to have the event on the first saturday of september. Universcience, who had already given us a huge hand for FUDCon Paris, again helped us out by hosting the event. A wiki page was set up, a ticket was filed for swag and we started looking for speakers for the conferences. Truth be told, I worried quite a bit before the event that it would go terribly wrong. We ended up not getting the swag, speakers were hard to come by and few people signed up to the wiki page.

However, the release party happened with little difficulties. A number of Fedora ambasadors (nobrakal, bertux, bouska ...) came for the event, people came to the event with usb keys which allowed us to copy a Live Fedora iso on them so that they could try Fedora at home. I had to cancel my conference because I was too busy setting up the event to do it but Misc's conferenece on Ansible was very well done and attracted a small crowd.

I'm actually looking forward to the Rencontres Fedora 20.