Ci-dessous quelques changements qui ont été apportés à cette nouvelle release.

Extrait du ChangeLog:
- reenabled "file as a source media" option
- added h264 video encoding
- added aac audio encoding
- added mp4 output file container
- added iPod (not tested: I don't have iPod) and cell phone presets
- added manual bitrate selection
- added stream properties dialog (page source, page title, page audio, page subtitles)
- reenabled progress bar
- added french translation (thanks to SmootherFrOgZ)
- popup windows can be disabled (well most of them - some are deliberately excluded :-)
- a lot annoying bugs got fixed: disappearing streams while navigating back and forth, inability to start >ripping twice, uninterruptable commands, non-persistable choices, duplicate/missing keyboard
accelerators,... (multiple sources still don't work reliable though

Installation via YUM:

# rpm -iv

# yum --enablerepo=lxtnow install winki

Implantation des RPMs:

Fedora Core 5:
winki-0.4.3-1.fc6.lxtnow.noarch.rpm (980.0 Ko)

Fedora Core 6:
winki-0.4.3-1.fc6.lxtnow.noarch.rpm (980.0 Ko)

Fedora 7:
coming soon... ;-)