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2013 Apr 18

Dev should not break our [L10n] community!

A developer always loves when he gets users. The more language we have on an application, the more users we can target. But sometimes, the easiest path is not the best.

Please devs, stop defining standalone projects at Transifex.com under the Fedora Project umbrella. You make things worse for translators and users. I see on this category projects using the "Free for all" translations settings, or using their own teams. We loose consistency, we loose workforce, we loose quality, and we loose happiness. It just makes things harder.

All projects that are developed for Fedora, within the Fedora community or willing to reuse the tools used to make Fedora better should:

  • Outsource the Transifex Fedora Project hub in order to reuse the available teams
  • If possible join the right Fedora Release:
    • Fedora Documentation, for docs.fedoraproject.org
    • Fedora Websites, for the Fedora Project Websites and web apps
    • Fedora Main, for the software using the Fedora Project release cycle
    • Fedora Upstream Projects, for the projects not following the Fedora Project release cycle but still made for or under Fedora, or with the Fedora contributors (like projects at fedorahosted.org).

Outsourcing the Fedora Project Hub

In order to get fast and quality translations, you should outsource the Transifex Fedora Project hub. To do so, go to Manage > Access Control. Choose Outsourced Project as the Project type, and select Fedora Project from the Outsource access to options. A Fedora Project maintainer will need to approve the request.

The language code used under the Fedora Project are in short. If you want to use the LANG.COUNTRY version, please set up your project with lang_map as explained in the wiki.

Joining a Transifex Release

Any projects can define a new Transifex Release, but only Fedora Project maintainers can define Fedora Project specific releases. It helps translators finding projects and keeping the translations up to date. If your project is not listed under the right Transifex Release, please add a request to do so by writing to the trans mailing list (I don't think we have a BZ specific component for that, or a Trac... Should be better). Or just catch on of the maintainer by IRC!

Check a good example

You can see on the above example that Anaconda project

  • uses the Fedora Hub (see the white arrow on the grey circle at the top right corner)
  • has the Master resource published on several Transifex Releases (fedora-main, anaconda.all-resources)

But this is not the case for lib passw Quality or libvirt (not anymore, yeah!) for example. But there are many others... Of course, some projects far from the Fedora community don't need to join the Transifex Fedora project.

You have not convinced me

Alright, then continue reading please:

Don't set a Free for all project

Please, simply don't. Free for all means everybody will be able to translate. Even people don't speaking the target language. Even people pasting from translating tools. Even people who don't care about *quality*. And even if they do and make effort, there won't be any review process, as there is no team beside that. There won't be any cross software consistency. There won't be any good effort. It does not encourage collaboration. It does not encourage community growing. We are a community always seeking to improve Free software and gather more contributors. This goes against our values.

By outsourcing the Fedora Hub
  • You choose quality
  • You get many great teams with mailing lists, BZ component, process...
  • You get what you are probably looking for when looking for translators.

More about the Fedora Localization Project at fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/Guide.

And we are here to help maintainers set there project if needed.