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2013 Jan 24

What a wonderful event: FUDCon Lawrence, NA

Yay, am finally back from FUDCon Lawrence. Here is a short report for the NA Fedora User and Developer Conference 2013 held in Lawrence, Kansas. (It tooks me a bit to write it − I am just back from FOSDEM ^^.)

Day 1

Starting with the barcamp, we had a huge choice of interesting talks. From my background I am closer to the ARM topics than any others, therefore I choose to attend "ARM to primary" and "ARM building exercises" in order to finally reach this group and be of help. I thought that the "building exercises" would be like a workshop, but it was not. We heard a "noisy" ARM server building RPM packages. Noisy cause it was playing music on successful builds!

We saw many interesting lightning talks, and I gave one about the websites hackfest to cache some people. But apparently they were already engaged on other parts ;)

Then, it was time for the afternoon talks. Unfortunately, I felt lot of pain on one leg (coming from the cold), and it becomes worse by that time. Couldn't find any painkiller until the night, where the effect lasted only 1h30… Thanks to pingou and SmootherFrOgZ, I had enough for the other days :) (Yep, I saw later that the infra team is geared!)

During that day I learned about Ansible (Seth, nice teacher!), the web-apps (Pingou, I discovered few things :)), and then we spoke about FEL with Kiara.

Day 2

I stayed on the infra room, a team whose I have already worked with (a bit, mainly nirik) to hack on the websites. I heard many interesting discussions about the apps under development, and the one that are probably going to be created soon. This is a really great team with nice people. People that look for the details… I definitely want to be more involved here, will look where should I start soon!

Day 3

During the last day, I did many tests on a local branch on the websites, mainly about sharing the python building scripts. Will push soon, hopefully. Get back to me if you want to be involved, this is ticket #90.

With nirik, we started to remove the pulling the translations from Transifex at build time (ticket #136). There were improvements to do:

  • We were pulling hourly, the whole resources
  • Takes time (10 min at least).
  • Takes resources (huge load on Transifex.net).
  • Was failing frequently due to Transifex.net connexion timeout.

It is now live in staging, and I plan to move on prod by the 13th of Feb. @nirik, we are going to discuss about that, but it better to have a deadline or it will never move to prod :)

I also worked for the L10n workflow, and I published my wishes on the trans mailing list. Of course, it is still work in progress and I have to read and take into account the translators feedback.

The way back

Ouch, that was not a really easy travel. The first plane had been delayed by more that 1h because of wind in Houston, then before landing (say we were still at 10000m above the ground!) the fire alarm started to frighten peoples on the plane. The emergency landing at Chicago was... Funny :). As we missed the connexion, we stayed at the hotel for the night. Which a nice morning, with the fire alarm running at shower time... It reminded school time at Edinburgh where drunk people pushed the fire alarm button at every nights on the building where their friends stayed.

Then, on last plane across the ocean, they didn't had any water (forgot to fill the water tank?!), which explained why there were no water on the toilets, no tea, no coffee (could you imagine?!). And as a meet lover (Beefy!), I really get annoyed when they fist forgot to serve me the meal, and then came with and "Indian vegan" plate. I missed the American burgers!

Days after

Still working on many things started before the FUDCon in preparation and during the FUDCon.
That was an amazing event, really wel organized. And I met a lot of great contributors that I am now able to understand more clearely through irc :)
Thanks so much to the organization team! Thank you Robyn, Ruth and Ian!

Now I have a better idea of what should be a FUDCon. I would like to help the organization of the next EMEA one. We really need to focus on working with contributors to help them join groups and start being productive right away, and hacking/coding efficiently with the amazing workforce that we gather at this kind of event. (And IMHO less ambassador discussions during this event because many ambassadors are active in other groups, and could not attend everywhere. FAD should be preferred − I mean in EMEA.).

Let me thanks also the FUDCon main sponsort that helped me coming, Red Hat through the wonderful Fedora Project! And thanks also to Bluehost the web hosting company who did host people at the FUDCon hotel ;).

2013 Jan 19

[Lawrence FUDCon] Join the Websites hackfest. You can help!

Hi guys, if you're here at FUDCon Lawrence, you could be of help to the Websites team and help them *a lot*.

Some important subjects in my mind, come join me!

  • The most interersting one, ticket #90 will reduce human errors, faster websites update at every release, improve the websites maintenance, help new people understand our websites build and therfore sponsort contributors easily. You need to know Makefiles and Python. And we *need you*!
  • It takes actually about half an hour to build hour websites, mainly taken by pulling translations from Transifex. Ticket #136 is the way to go. I need to see with the infra team how we should do that (creating a new repo, pulling cron, and doing a simple rsync or a git pull..). Will probably see that with Kevin.
  • spins.fpo does not gives the right Torrent ISO size. Comes from the Json stat file. This is ticket #165 and I'll probably speak about that with Seth.
  • We have a wierd apache(?) conf that leads our websites to be provided in a raw html format for some languages. This is ticket #139 and we definetly need the infra here as it is an old issue.

Some other ideas, depending on your willings:

  • Create static pages for fedora/join, it is bad to send people to the wiki page everytimes. John told me about this.. Let's define the content ;)
  • Clean the easyfixes? Help you joining the team? Any other subjects?

So if you want to work for a new Fedora Project project for a bit, or if you've well managed your team and they are doing your job, please join me to move forward (irc:shaiton)!!