2013 Nov 12

Fedora, the power of a friendly community

A community is a group of individual working together around a common goal. We can share same tools, ideas, time, without loving to work together. You can be alone in a huge community working for you and assuming it's fine for the others waiting for your code. As usual.

On the Open Source world of volunteers, if you happen to get a certain position with responsibilities, and you stay there for a while, the community will assume that it's your duty to do this specific job. You know your task. You do it well. Everybody expect things they don't handle to move forward as is used to be. But sometimes, you are away. For any reasons, you might not be able to do your "duties". You might be exhausted. Frustrated. Or just your personal life could require you more time.

Friends are those on which you can count. On a friendly community you can easily find new friends whose you can share ideas, jokes, and work. Thanks to our events, you can even share beers and pizza! That's the time where you can definitely understand who is beside the nickname, making friends. You can then understand their jokes, feelings.

I have been thinking about sharing my thoughts about the Fedora community for a while, through several examples, but it's always time to improve code, add new features, fix tickets...

My way of life is helping people where I think I fit the best. I had no L10n skills, but felt the need of French translators. I joined the team.. and we were 2! You can imagine the amount of work... After a while, I helped the coordinator, and then became a coordinator myself. We are now the team with the most translations, with at least 10 active translators and some *really* active. Oh, and I am not the most active coordinator anymore in our team (thanks jfenal!).

This gives me more time for other contributions. Like websites. I joined the websites team to help I18n and L10n integration. But I a lot. And thought about much more. I had many ideas that needed lot of time to implement. Beside of the usual web stuff for Fedora. I did few, time to times. And then, Robyduck arrive, I helped him understanding our code, saw with him what could be improved. And, he started doing what I used to do. This helped me focusing on long term changes, things that I really wanted to fix for years. I even moved all the code around, changed the publishing workflow. People never see the downside of a project, they just see the result. We still have many open tickets. Some related to marketing (we advertise obsolete features, we had old screenshots…), some other to the code itself… Having new blood on a team help moving forward, getting new ideas, or simply spread the work.

I don't say that I am going to leave the team (Robert, am still there, yeah, sure!) I am happy with it. I am really happy that I don't have to be *here* to get things done. Oh, I don't say I were the only one doing stuff. But I were the one who took less time doing things as I knew them all. It's faster to do the job than looking step by step for what needs to be done. BTW, we also wrote some docs, to help newcomer!

I took 2 examples, but it has been this in all groups that I choose to work with. Thank you guy, it's a reall pleasure spending time on this community! Looking forward to meet you at next event (who said Flock?)