2013 Dec 8

FAD EMEA 2013 - Rheinfelden

FAD EMEA 2013 was my first Ambassador FAD. That was a really nice event, we spoke a lot, we defined many things and dreamed about some other things.

This kind of event is really nice as you know you're going there for Ambassador business. You don't have to take care about barcamp schedule, you don't look outside for Kernel hackers or infrastructure gurus.. It's just ambassadors. You stay focused. (I agree, we truly are social, we don't *always* speak about business. We are Friends also!)

I already knew quite all name and nicknames, even their hackergotchi, but I was happy to be able to meet personally more Fedora contributors. It's a really nice community. That was the beginning. 5 minutes later, we were done with presentation. It took us a long time to give our regional reports. I did my part speaking too much (or were I too slow ??). Thanks to Patrick, I were not the only one doing this through vim!

Then it was time to build our 2014 event list. This is useful in order to check swag quantities and decide about media production. After this interesting part for people who love moving around (we even tried our best to make Aleksandra define a Russian event for us! Which unfortunately appears to be hard to make), we moved to swag ideas!

We had more, bigger label pins, what about Fedora Cufflink? It would be really awesome.

The Mentor program took a big place then. We still don't know who is active, and what we should do about the inactive ones. It was too much discussions. We should have decide to agree on something, to move forward on the topic. Not just discuss about it.

Finally, we got the Saturday Social event. Which was, amazing! I would not have expected so much sports from a Fedora event! At some point we moved back to the hotel. Took more beers. and a few more. Oh, and... yeah a, again :) It's because we were talking too much!

Sunday morning was about some ideas around ambassadors, like how to join Highschools? Many ideas which already came by our mailing list through Jiri.

For me, the way back has been... fun. 3 trains transfer and then a boat to cross the Leman lake. Oh, and... suddenly my mobile phone froze... I had to perform a clean install... Luckily I had my computer and a custom Android ROM.

-- Thanks guys for being there, and many thanks to Gerold for the event!

Last and bigger... We released Fedora 20! Yeah! Happy Xmas to all!