2013 Jan 19

[Lawrence FUDCon] Join the Websites hackfest. You can help!

Hi guys, if you're here at FUDCon Lawrence, you could be of help to the Websites team and help them *a lot*.

Some important subjects in my mind, come join me!

  • The most interersting one, ticket #90 will reduce human errors, faster websites update at every release, improve the websites maintenance, help new people understand our websites build and therfore sponsort contributors easily. You need to know Makefiles and Python. And we *need you*!
  • It takes actually about half an hour to build hour websites, mainly taken by pulling translations from Transifex. Ticket #136 is the way to go. I need to see with the infra team how we should do that (creating a new repo, pulling cron, and doing a simple rsync or a git pull..). Will probably see that with Kevin.
  • spins.fpo does not gives the right Torrent ISO size. Comes from the Json stat file. This is ticket #165 and I'll probably speak about that with Seth.
  • We have a wierd apache(?) conf that leads our websites to be provided in a raw html format for some languages. This is ticket #139 and we definetly need the infra here as it is an old issue.

Some other ideas, depending on your willings:

  • Create static pages for fedora/join, it is bad to send people to the wiki page everytimes. John told me about this.. Let's define the content ;)
  • Clean the easyfixes? Help you joining the team? Any other subjects?

So if you want to work for a new Fedora Project project for a bit, or if you've well managed your team and they are doing your job, please join me to move forward (irc:shaiton)!!