JDLL : Booth set up

JDLL[1] (Journées Du Logiciel Libre, ie Free Software Days) in Lyon, France start today.

We (Benoît Marcelin and I) spent our afternoon in CPE and land a hand to prepare everything.

dsc04995.jpg dsc04997.jpg dsc05001.jpg dsc05003.jpg

Haïkel Guemar joined us this morning.

Our demo machines :

  • a workstation running Rawhide
  • a macbook running F-7
  • a laptop running Rawhide

Let's show us how Fedora rocks!!

[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/FrenchTeam/Evenements/JDLL07


1. Le vendredi 19 octobre 2007, 22:55 par LLaumgui

A demain ;-)