Recruiting Fedora packagers

At work we produce our own distribution which is basically a downstream of RHEL / Fedora, adapted to the specific needs of our products.

We're looking to hire someone to do the following:

  • Build RPM packages

    Most of the time, we usually just rebuild packages from RHEL / Fedora packages with some occasional downstream changes.

    There are some packages that are not in their repositories though, and whenever it makes sense you'll be expected to maintain them in Fedora as well, to give back to the community.

    Of course, the changes we make downstream will often need to be pushed upstream as well, so you'd have to do that too. ;-)

  • Maintain our build infrastructure

    It's pretty much a replica of the Fedora build infrastructure: spec files are maintained in Git, source tarballs are in our lookaside cache, packages are built in Koji, updates are managed with Bodhi, repositories are made with mash, etc...

    You might have to contribute to those projects if we need to change them (hint: we need Bodhi 2!), and if the changes are interesting to upstream of course, so some minimal Python knowledge would definitely be appreciated.

  • Release engineering

    You'll be seeing the other side of Bodhi, pushing the updates to the testing and stable repositories to enable QA to do its job.

    You'll also need to work on the tools we use to compose new releases of our OS, improve our release/branching processes, etc...

Basically, in Fedora terms, we need someone to be part of the provenpackager, buildsys-build and releng teams for our OS.

One last thing, you'd need to be willing to come and live in Hong Kong. :-)

If you're interested, send me an email at "bochecha at fedoraproject dot org". Be sure to specify your FAS login, as we'll check that as well as your resume. ;-)