Meet the Cangjians

Cangjiception - CC-By-SA - Jacqueline Wong and Mathieu Bridon

I have been hacking on Chinese input methods for Hong Kong people for more than a year now, and recently the project gained some momentum.

In order to increase participation, and make it less of a "one man show", I created some time ago the Cangjians team on Github, and moved upstream development of the various Cangjie-related stuff there.

We're only two core contributors at the moment, Koala and I, but I'm hopeful that we can grow this team to the point where we leave the absurd situation we are in now, i.e where the biggest contributor can't even read Chinese. ;-)

And in fact, we made great progress last Wednesday at The Loop, and Sam just keeps sending us tons of pull requests to fix lots of small things here and there, like making lincangjie2 build on Windows, fixing build warnings, etc... In other words, he's paying a lot of attention to the details, which eventually makes a big difference for the library.

We have a simple website, which we're still working on, but hopefully it's good enough already to showcase what we do, publish the documentation, etc...

If you are interested in all things related to Cangjie, come and talk to us. We'll be thrilled to receive your feedback and/or your help.