A great iteration at The Loop

I realize I should blog more often about The Loop, the Free Software hackfest we are running every two weeks at the Dim Sum Labs here in Hong Kong, so here's an attempt at doing just that. We'll see how long it lasts. :-)

I'm back from tonight's event, and it went great!

We weren't too many people tonight (that means there's room for you!), but what we didn't have in quantity, we definitely made up for in quality.

While Koala was busy working on a new website for the Ubuntu Hong Kong community, Sam multiplied the pull requests to make libcangjie2 build on Windows.

Jeremy, who just arrived in Hong Kong 2 months ago, started hacking on Firefox / ASM.js. However, while that was building, we worked together on fixing an issue in pycangjie so that it can now build on Ubuntu 12.04.

As for myself, I started having a look into Travis CI, and did some preliminary work to use it for libcangjie2. And as Travis runs on Ubuntu 12.04, we can now also add pycangjie thanks to Jeremy. :-D

All in all, it was a very productive evening, we did lots of good stuff, all while having fun.

So don't hesitate and join us!

If you look at the calendar, you'll see that next event will happen on September 16. No registration required, the event is free for all. Just come, and have fun with us making Free Software.