IBus Cangjie now has a website

A couple of minutes ago, I finished setting up a simple website for IBus Cangjie.

Check it out: http://ibus-cangjie.opensource.hk

Nothing fancy, it's just a bunch of static pages generated with Sphinx, but the result is not too horrible. Help to make it better is obviously welcome. :-)

One thing missing is the features section. I'll upload a page with nice screenshots very soon.

If you package IBus Cangjie for your distribution, do let us know, and we'll add instructions for it on the appropriate page.

The website is hosted on Open Shift, which is pretty awesome to use, and Sammy was kind enough to give us the opensource.hk sub-domain.

Also, if you use Fedora, I have just uploaded new packages of the latest development snapshot of IBus Cangjie to my side repository. Be sure to update and give us feedback!


1. On Friday, March 8 2013, 01:06 by misc

Hey, you forgot to speak about --timeout :(