Progress in ibus-cangjie

I recently announced ibus-cangjie, the IBus input method engine for Cangjie and Quick that I have been working on.

It is now almost two weeks later, and there is already some good progress to report on.

I have added wildcard support to the Cangjie engine, and implemented a first pass at the Quick engine.

Thanks to Wan Leung's work in libcangjie, both Cangjie and Quick will now respect the user setting for full-/half-width characters.

I've also made a bunch of changes to the documentation and the build system, which should make it easier than ever to try it out, or to package it for your favorite distribution.

On that note, I have just published a repository for Fedora 18, so if you want to try ibus-cangjie, it's as easy as the following commands (as root) :

# wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-ibus-cangjie.repo
# yum install ibus-cangjie 

Please try it, and let us know what you think!

Now, we're getting closer to a first 1.0 release, not much is missing, so if you think you can help, then we'll gladly accept the patches. :-)

Finally, I'll be organizing a usability testing lab at the next Open Source Workshop in Hong Kong, so if you can't install ibus-cangjie on your own machine, just come and you'll try it on mine. This should allow us to get valuable feedback to make it rock.