GNOME 3.6 and IBus for Hong Kong users

As you may know, GNOME 3.6 (to be released in September) will feature a tight integration with IBus, in order to provide a great out of box experience for input methods users.

Unfortunately, IBus provides a "less than optimal" (to say the least) UX for Hong Kongers.

During GNOME.Asia, we sat down with Wan Leung (HKLUG member, passionate about input methods) and Anish (an IBus core developer) and identified what is in our opinion the one show-stopper bug.

I'm hopeful we'll get this fixed before GNOME 3.6 is released, which should make it a great Free Software OS for Hong Kong people too.

Of course, there are other bugs and deficiencies in IBus (as in every software really) which will remain after this one is fixed and which make for a user experience poorer than it should be (for example, the Candgie IM doesn't support wildcards, neither Candgie nor Quick adapt to the most frequently used words by the user, etc...). But those are all details which will improve the user experience, whereas the one I linked above really just makes IBus useless in Hong Kong.

I'm very excited for GNOME 3.6, for and specifically because it will be the first GNOME release we will be able to recommend to everyone here, not just tinkerers and geeks, but really anyone, no matter what language they write.