There is long time I practised  Rails programming. The last time I would like to revise the interesting language that I spent smart time learning through JavaPassion courses. I got read the book titled "Learning Rails 3"  co-written by three authors : Simon St. Laurent, Edd Dumbill, Eric J. Gruber

The book contains  over 400 pages that browse through the concepts of programming in Rails.  It is divided into  20 chapters as interesting as each other. It begins with an introduction of Rails  and shows how to install Ruby and Rails in various OS ( Linux , Windows and Mac). The next chapters help the reader how to create his first RoR application, create and control renders, debug, test and manage the application. It covers also the concept of security and back end (database) notions. In brief, the authors did their best to offer to reader, even a newbie,  an excellent tool to help him building a solid RoR based application.

The book is published by O'Reilly and available both in electronic and print formats here.  I'm preparing some tutorials for dummy to be published on this blog soon.

Hope enjoying with "Learning Rail 3" !

Learning Rails 3

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